This is why we're here.

Do you treat your pets to the finest toys and food available? We want your pets to be as spoiled as ours. We feel that every moment together is precious and priceless, such as playing fetch, going on walks, jogs, and running for exercise, and just lounging on the couch or cuddles in bed.

We love our little doggy so much we have created this entire e-commerce store because his origin story is always in our hearts, and his unconditional loving energy and pure canine joy means the world to us. So we want to share it with the world!

If you feel the same way about your playful pup or furry feline friend, this online shop is for you! We strive to provide you with unique, practical, and some luxurious pet toys, dog beds and cat beds, collars, and leashes.

We also want to share some really cool accessories like the pet selfie stick which will help you take the perfect pet photo ever time, collars, leashes, doggie bow ties, pooch leather pilot hat and plaid hats, couch cover for shedding fur and scratches, lead leash with car buckle, automatic pet feeder with voice interaction WiFi remote control time feeding and 1080p HD camera.

Have you ever seen a malnourished dog and felt deeply something within you wanting to help this puppy? A defenseless pooch that desperately needs the help of a loving and caring human really tears us up too,

We love all animals so much we decided that on select purchases from our store we will donate to who provides a bowl of dog food to starving pups who really need us. You can help us feed even more helpless dogs around the north America with your purchase of our cutie dapper doggy bow ties.

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