Cat Toys

Complete Guide in Buying Cat Toys for Your Feline

Indoor cats can get bored in the house, especially when you are not around. The next thing you know, your felines are chewing on your favorite carpet. To prevent this from happening, think about buying them cat toys. It is a safe and fun way to entertain your kittens. Below is a buying guide that can help you choose the right toy for your feline.

What Kind of Toys Should You Get for Cats?

When choosing the right toys to buy, keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • Ping-pong balls can keep your cat’s energy away from you if you want to focus on work and household chores
  • Dangle toys entertain cats and capture their attention
  • Cats love mouse doll but stay away from electronic models with small parts
  • Stay away from toys with coins, small pieces, and rubber bands that can be dangerous when your cat ingests it

Where Should You Keep Your Cat’s Toys?

When the thrill of playing games is gone, keep the cat's toys in a box where they couldn't reach it. A storage box will help, especially if it's bedtime, and your cat still wants to play. They must see no toys around so they can focus on dozing off and getting rest at the right time.

How Do You Make Cat Toys Fun?

You can customize your cat’s toys for some fun. For instance, attach a bell to the dangle toys so your cat can actively engage with playing while hearing the ring. Paint the ping-pong balls into vibrant colors or dress up the mouse doll to entice your cat. You can also print their name on the toys in case it gets thrown outside when they are playing.

What Colors Can Your Cat See?

Knowing what colors your cat can see will help in choosing the right toys. Think of people who are color blind. It is how cats see the world. Your kitties can see green and blue, but pinks and reds can confuse them. It appears green than red. Purple is a different shade of blue for them. Hence, stay away from buying toys that are in pinks and reds.

Purchasing cat toys will spoil your cats at home. Entertaining them shouldn't put them at risk, no matter how deft they are. Make sure to choose high-quality toys for your feline so it would last a long time. Take your cat's playtime to the next level by selecting toys that are ideal for them