Dog Hats

Looking cool or staying warm. We've got you covered!

Choosing the Right Dog Hat to Buy

The harmful UV rays can also affect dogs the way it affects humans during summer. And in winter, it can get cold that you want to keep your dog’s ears warm all the time. Hence, you should think of buying a dog hat for your canine. Below is a comprehensive guide in selecting the right cap for your dog.

 How to Choose the Best Canine Cap?

There are two types of dog hats that you can find in pet stores:

  • Polar caps – its design will keep your dog’s ears warm during winter
  • Disguise caps – it is festive and colorful for special events such as Christmas

 How Do You Get a Hat to Stay on Dogs?

Putting the hat on your dog’s head will never be enough, especially if your canine is active. Hence, choose a dog hat that will stay in place no matter what they do. There are hats with straps that you can wear under your dog’s head. Make sure to avoid elastic bands as it can snap and hurt your dog.

 Do Your Dog Needs Hats?

Your dog needs a hat! The following are the purposes of a canine hat:

  • It keeps the dog’s ears warm
  • It protects your dog from extreme heat or cold
  • It makes your pet look unique and festive

 How Do You Measure Your Dog for a Hat?

You will need a measuring tape and a ruler to get the exact measurement of your dog’s head. List down the forehead width and head circumference. The head circumference is the total size of your dog, starting from the top down to the chin and back up. The forehead width refers to the ear to ear size.

Now that you have the measurement, you can start shopping for hats that are fit for your dog! Custom and fitted hats are one of your options. Letting the manufacturer know the exact measurement of your dog’s head allows you to select a hat that will feel comfortable to them.

Dog hats will protect your canine when playing outside. Whether it's summer or winter, wearing a cap will make them feel more comfortable. Buying a canine cap is crucial to allow your dog to adjust to the changing temperature in your area. However, once you are home, make sure to remove the hat as it can cause incidents, or your dog may accidentally swallow it when playing.