Genuine Leather Dog Collar and Leash

Tips in Buying Genuine Leather Dog Leash and Collar


Dogs love to walk. Before taking your canine for fresh air, equip them with genuine leather dog leash and collar. It will help you to run smoothly and make your dog comfortable all the time. Below is a guide that will help you choose the right leather leash and collar in the market:

What Is the Best Kind of Strap for Your Dog?

There are different kinds of dog straps that you can find in stores:

  • Standard Dog Leashes – it is a conventional leash with a braided material that can range up to eight feet.
  • Retractable Dog Leashes – it offers unique features and allows you to retract the leash anytime when walking your dog but offers limited control
  • Adjustable Dog Leashes – it provides optimal control and will enable you to add or remove loops

What Is a Reasonable Length of Dog Leash?

Six feet is the right length for a leather leash. It will not make the leash slack on the ground while they are exploring. This length also gives full control when walking with your dog.

What is the Best Material for a Dog Collar?

In the market, you will find the following materials for a dog collar:

  • Nylon – is affordable and available in all colors and patterns
  • Leather – it is a high-quality material but requires leather conditioner to maintain the shine and quality
  • Chain – it is ideal for aggressive dogs that chew materials of their collars

If your dog is not pushy and you want a durable dog collar, it is advisable to buy a leather collar. It can last for a long time with proper use and maintenance. Not to mention that genuine leather looks good on your dog, too. 

Is a Collar or Harness Suitable for Your Canine?

When walking your dog, a collar is the best choice. It makes your dog feel comfortable. Make sure to steer clear from a choke or prong collars when your dog has respiratory problems. On the other hand, a harness can cause discomfort, especially if your dog has long hair.

There are lots of genuine leather dog leash and collar in the market. Choosing the right leash and collar will ensure the comfort of your dog during walking or playing outside. Dogs must have some fresh air and exercise. Make their walking experience better by equipping them with a leather leash and collar.