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Welcome to WeHeartAnimals.org, where we are committed to showing up for animals and their needs and you! (Their best friends)! My name is Jason, and I’m the founder of WHA.org, and I want to share our origin story with you.  It starts with a sweet little pup named "B-boy".


The Back Story:


The year was 2009, I was 23 years old and my mother just lost her battle with a rare form of Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML). My father, brother, and I were devastated without the woman we loved the most in the world.


 We were able to find solace in family time and spending time with our close neighbor friends who we called our "second family". One fateful Friday evening, our neighbor decided to breed his Maltese and have puppies. 


Our dad was thrilled at the idea of having new puppy love in his life and thought it would brighten his life, so he asked our neighbor for one of the pups.


Out of a litter of 2 pups, our neighbor gave us the runt. Our neighbors had insisted the pup stay their mother for 3 weeks and then we could take him home. What we did not know was that our pup was not doing well. His brother was hogging the milk, and with a combination of adverse factors B-boy's health took a turn for the worse.


 Day One (Back Home):


The first day our neighbors gave us the pup we thought he was going to be healthy and happy, but when we saw him not only was he not moving at all, but he was unable to open his eyes, eat, and drink. He had an open gash on his face that looked infected. My brother, father, and I knew instantly we had to take him for an emergency visit to the vet.


 The veterinarian said he wasn't sure he would survive. Pus was coming out of his eyes and ears. The doctor prescribed 7 different medicines on a list, which were to be administered 3x every day for two weeks, but no promises. Hundreds of dollars and a week of Qi gong energy healing later, we went in for a follow-up.


 The vet was surprised he was still alive, and told us now that those issues are under control, here is another list of issues to deal with and more medicine that was too much to initially deal with.  This included juvenile cellulitis, an immune disorder from being malnourished. We were so intent on the pup's survival, and he was so lifeless, a good name had not come to us. Two weeks later the Light that is now the love of my life, began to shine. 



The Game Changer:


 My brother and I were having breakdance practice in the living room, when something miraculous happened! While my brother was uprocking around the pup, we noticed our now 6 week old pup move for the first time, and he jumped at my brother's feet! 


As we took turns bustin' moves around our pup, he got so excited and wanted to bite our toes!


My dad who was on the computer saw this and said, "Breakin' brought him to life, what if we call him B-boy?!"  


 My bro and I said to our dad, "That is it, pops, that's his name." 


Our Happy Ending:


The next couple weeks, B-boy was obsessed with everything feet, biting mostly, all day every day. It was like we didn't exist, to B-boy we were feet with things coming up from them. We were just happy he was up and running! He rapidly gained strength, although he didn't grow much in size. He basically was and still is and always will be a puppy, part teddy bear, part energizer bunny, part piglet tail!


 B-boy has been on so many adventures since then. From sunsets at the beach and nights at the bar to cross-country road trips from Miami to L.A. and the Bay. He has survived a car accident where we rolled twice in the car. He has hiked to mountain tops in Colorado and Utah. But more than anything, he shares the sweetest love and joy with all beings.


 B-Boy has brought our family so much joy and happiness, and we understand clearly the value that your furry friends bring to you which is why on select purchases throughout the site we will send a meal to a pup in need via RescueBank.org. 


Thanks for shopping with us! 






Jason W., WeHeartAnimals.org Founder