Automatic Smart Camera Pet Dog & Cat Feeder

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Your purchase will help animal shelters provide food for hungry and abandoned dogs and cats. Thank you for supporting our mission! 

Working from home and your cat or dog keeps distracting you and wanting you to feed them?

Back to working long hours at the office, and would feel better about it if you were able to look at and give your pets treats anytime you feel like it?

Cat hungry in the middle of the night, every night, and very early in the morning looking for food?

This amazing pet feeder can easily solve these daily dilemmas and more, while pampering your furry family like they truly deserve.


  • Two way voice intercom with built-in HD speakers and microphone.
  • Recording and calling function is a real-time, custom-made recording to call your pet for meal time,  for 10 seconds, with optional music 6 songs (birds, kittens, puppies, etc.)
  • Loud noise and large movement sound and motion detectors alert the device user in real time with a notification on their mobile app.
  • Fun laser dot mobile function can move the dot around your room at home through the mobile app, helping your pet stay active even while you are away.
  • Share your pet videos with others with ability to link multiple phones to the same device.

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